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Starting the end of February, The GIVEN will be temporarily closing. During this time, we will be improving our site and adding and changing The GIVEN to better suit our tutors and students. These improvements include aesthetic design changes, rebranding, and better functionality that is smoother, more optimized and streamlined.

If you have a pending payment, we have already contacted you. It is important to note that, based on The GIVEN’s policy, unless you have a balance of $1, there is a 15% transfer fee applied when you cash out. It will take 7-10 business days to see the transfer complete.

Since the beginning of The GIVEN, we have always wanted to grow a community passionate to learn and help educate. In the past couple of months, it was so amazing to see so many likeminded tutors and students.

We want to thank all of our tutors for their hard work and for supporting The GIVEN in the past year. We will be back stronger than ever with an improved site and a mobile application. Thank you again and we’ll see you guys soon!


Super Bowl, Super Marketing

Every year, millions of Americans huddle around their TVs with their friends and families to watch one of the most iconic sports of USA culture, football. So, with such immense popularity, smart people realized that advertising during that time would be a major necessity . And as basic microeconomics states, with greater demand and such a limited supply (of time in this case), prices have soared. There are reports that companies paid roughly $5 million just for a small 30 second time slot during the game. This is more than most small businesses have for a marketing budget for maybe 5 years.


But more over, Super Bowl marketing has not only changed the way businesses think about advertising, but also have shaped marketing strategies inherently. With new sources of media, a younger generation not watching TV and instead picking up their iPhone, and an overall changing attitudes, cultures, and even attention spans, businesses have to be agile and flexible to adapt to the evolving consumer.

So, let’s identify the key changes in Super Bowl advertising and even try to learn some key takeaways.

First is the Changing Media. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the digital platform has grown considerably. Less and less young adults are watching TV and instead are preferring their social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube. These growing sites actually accrue more views per day than the Super Bowl has in its 50 years.

Companies have in fact shifted their marketing strategies in order to better accommodate. They have even started making trailers for commercials, in order to create brand awareness and excitement for the actual commercial to come. These ads are carefully crafted to first target the buyer (cars are usually bought by parents, or in this case an overprotective father), then target the user (car finding would be great to track when your child is driving), and then target the product (showing off the great sleek new car with premium functionality).

Second are the Shifting Trends. 

With the fast-paced, on demand nature of present consumers, businesses need to work harder to create creative, funny, interesting, or really memorable commercials. 10 years ago, advertisements were mainly informative, trying to sell you the product or the brand. But nowadays, ads often have nothing to with the product at all. But, still they are considered highly effective and successful. Why is that? It’s mainly because of buzz.

Like a promoter of a club, these businesses thrive off of buzz, this ethereal concept of popularity. The more buzz, the more likely a business will thrive. Companies are also trying to associate their brand with just a feeling or an emotion. An excellent example of this is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is legitimately affiliated with the word happiness, and all of their marketing material expresses this.

A more recent example is how Red Lobster sales exploded after Beyonce’s song ‘Formation’ was performed during half-time at the Super Bowl.

Or how Budweiser sales rose after champion QB of the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, inconspicuously dropped product placement.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl! Join us at http://www.thegiven.co for all your academic help and tutoring!

Weekly GIVENews (Uber Facelift, Pool Envy, and Mosquitos!)

We’ve scavenged the internet in hopes of finding this week’s most interesting, weird, “shake my head”, cringe-in-pain , noteworthy, hilarious, and awesome articles, videos, news, and other things. Get updated on the most recent news in pop culture, politics, the world, and in tech. Click the titles to read the full articles.

Uber Changes Their Logo

Apparently, the CEO and co-founder of Uber has some spare time on his hands and wanted to make his own logo. We’re kidding. Uber went through an entire rebranding this past week. Many analysts and laymen have made polarizing comments.


Genetically Weaponized Mosquitos?

The new deadly Zika virus is spreading throughout South America has engendered thoughts on combating mosquitos, the main method of contracting the virus.


Prius Super Bowl Commercial

Prius’ are cool. They’re good for the environment and will save you a couple bucks from filling up on gas. But, is it the sexiest car? I highly doubt anyone would say that. But Toyota’s gonna change the way you think about their eco-friendly car.

Who Has a Bigger Pool? Drake vs Kanye 

You know that we can’t have a Weekly GIVENews without some news from our main man, Kanye West. This week, Toronto 6-God rapper Drake stated in his new single, “Summer Sixteen,” that he had a bigger pool than ‘Ye.

Baby Almost Loses Toe from Common Problem 

Parents of new born babies beware: this is a common problem with infants. Watch out for stray hairs that may get caught in the sock and wrap around a toe. This can cut off circulation and cause major discomfort.


Rainbow Bagels Become Popular in NYC 

I don’t really know how I feel about so much color in my bagels. But hey, anything for novelty, am I right?


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Cutting Standardized Testing

Recently, the Obama administration has been actively trying to reform education by cutting the amount of time that students spend on standardized testing. This is a pretty small yet impactful change that will occur in classrooms. However, is this the reform that our society needs?

It is strange to think of, but imagine a school with no tests and grades. I myself am conflicted at this thought. Without grades there is no competition and requirement to learn for the test. But without grades, there is no way to measure achievement. It is not learning conducive when classes are only geared to take tests. But, does learning take place without the slight pressure of academic achievement?

These are the questions that smart people and people in power are constantly researching answers for. Originally, education was definitely a more passionate endeavor. A scholar in some field with recruit a couple of disciples and students who were interested in the same field and teach them to think about these problems. There were no tests or grades, but there was a tremendous amount of learning and work done nonetheless.


School has ultimately changed as society deemed academia an important facet for socioeconomic advancement. And as our capitalistic culture dictates, those who succeed should be promoted and those who fall behind should categorized accordingly. But as the famous quote says, “How can a fish know if it’s smart if its only tested to climb a tree.”

This quote is in fact quite true. However, to give such individualized attention in education is a luxury our country is not prepared to spend. Smaller classrooms mean more trained teachers which requires more education. Better tools to learn means more funding. All in all, a more modernized school isn’t impossible, but very unfeasible without the proper changes.

Perhaps, this is where technology comes in. Technology is more prevalent then ever. There isn’t a kid in America that doesn’t have a computer or a smartphone. I know my baby cousins who can’t even speak full grammatically correct sentences, but can play Candy Crush on an iPad. With technology connecting our society, we can connect kids with those who are more knowledgable to help teach. This is the dream of The GIVEN. This is what we plan to do: use future technology to learn like they did in the past, here in the present. Join us at http://www.thegiven.co

Weekly GIVENews: (Grapefruits, Kanye, and Flowers)

We’ve scavenged the internet in hopes of finding this week’s most interesting, weird, “shake my head”, cringe- in-pain , noteworthy, hilarious, and awesome articles, videos, news, and other things. Get updated on the most recent news in pop culture, politics, the world, and in tech.

Kanye vs Wiz Khalifa Explodes on Twitter

Rappers have to battle and so Kanye and Wiz seem like they’re “airing out their dirty laundry” and keeping the battle public for the Twitter-sphere to watch. Fandoms have banned together on their respective sides to point fingers and mostly just enjoy the rap-celebs duel it out.


Apparently, You’re not Supposed to Take Medicine with Grapefruits

This bit of information is something I didn’t know and honestly probably will never do. But hey, it’s good to know.

Zika Virus Spreading Throughout the Americas

Not to be alarmed but, there is a virus spreading and it is infecting new born infants. Hopefully, we can all stay safe and healthy.


There’s Been a Rise in UFO Sightings in Canada

What about all the UFOs in the USA? Canada always needs to steal the fun away from us. I’m not saying that I believe in extraterrestrial life, but it’s always interesting (and kind of scary) to know that we’re seeing things in the skies that we don’t really understand.



This is the First Flower Grown in Space

In more space news… below is the flower that astronauts grew in space. Click the title to read the full article on CNN.


Rihanna Releases Her New Album, ‘ANTI’

Riri fans rejoice! The Queen of Pop is back with a brand new album. Unfortunately, there are mixed reviews to the songs calling the album very Rihanna-esque, but lacking the substance for a hit song.

Rihanna's 8th Album Artwork Reveal

What Would Happen if You Only Drank Soda?

In gross news, this is exactly what happens to your body if you only drink soda for sustenance.


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The Blizzard of 2016

If you’re in the northeast, you’re probably stuck at home bored waiting for the snow to clear up. Well, The GIVEN has some tips to make your snow day better! Share with us some tips of your own as well! So, let’s get to it: 6 things to make your snow day better!

Go Sledding 

There are tons of ways to go sledding even if you forgot to buy one. Use these instructions and some simple things around the house to make a great sled!


How to Properly Build a Snowman 

Trust me, there is a lot of technique involved in building your snowy friend. And honestly, it’s not as easy as it seems.

This is the Proper Way to Shovel Snow 

With people getting hurt (even dying) from shoveling snow, it’s important to learn how to do it properly without injuring yourself. Click the link to read the best way to shovel.


Have a Stay-cation 

Just stay in doors with your family and friends and lounge around. My friends and I had a blast using the new Snapchat filters that warp and shape change your face! You can also watch some great movies on TV or on Netflix. Use the time to bake some new treats or learn to cook a new dish.


Here are 15 More Tips to Survive the Snow 

After you’re done having fun outside, remember that snow days are also a great time to get reading for your school work. College semesters are starting again and high schools are deep into their second half of the school year. So come on over to http://www.thegiven.co to getting a head start on your school work!


Weekly GIVENews (Oscars, Alan Rickman, Blizzard!)

We’ve scavenged the internet in hopes of finding this week’s most interesting, weird, “shake my head”, cringe- in-pain , noteworthy, hilarious, and awesome articles, videos, news, and other things. Get updated on the most recent news in pop culture, politics, the world, and in tech.

Rest in Peace, Alan Rickman 

We all know him as the infamous Professor Snape. But, he was also in movies such as Love Actually and Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Rickman passed away of pancreatic cancer and will be very missed.


Suicide Squad AKA The Worst Heroes Ever

With a bunch of bad guys together, this isn’t The Avengers or Justice League for that matter. This looks like a sick movie that’s going to be a lot of fun!


For a second year in a row, the Oscars, or The Academy Awards have nominated only white actors. This has sparked controversy, a boycott by some black actors such as Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith. Is it the lack of diversity in The Academy or just Hollywood in general? But with great movies starring or created by people of color, it is disappointing to see them not receive accolades or as much credit.

Samsung’s Flagship Phone: Galaxy s7 Leaks

The battle is always on: Samsung’s Galaxy vs. Apple’s iPhone. The two have been constantly competing to one up each other and have consequently dominated the smartphone market. Samsung has been keen to produce high quality phones that often have many more features. However, Apple’s iPhone is streamlined from manufacturing to its personalized iOS software. Will the Samsung Galaxy S7 beat the iPhone?

galaxy-s7-concept“Netflix and Chill” About to Get More Pricey

Netflix is considering raising prices. Does that make you feel some type of way? Many argue the price is not worth the lack of high quality content.


Winter Storm Jonas Coming In Fast 

Meteorologists have forecasted a huge snow storm to hit the east coast this weekend. Snow could accumulate up to 10 inches in some states. Everyone stay safe and warm!


We’ll leave you with some really cool slow motion footage.


Many college students are returning to school. We wish them all a great spring semester! Remember, for all your academic and homework help join us at http://www.thegiven.co.